Artificial Intelligence

We, at Go For Branding, staunchly believe in creating an Automated world. While that could be fostered with ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE, we did not hesitate in grabbing that very chance. So, get introduced to the team Go For Branding, an AI based company functioning in Bangalore, India. We strive to bridge the world of unexplored innovative opportunities with Artificial Intelligence, where it will establish its hold to solve all the complex problems and help in opening up new avenues for businesses of all sizes.

Our Mission

To help our customers build an innovative, empowered and self-reliant organization through our AI based solutions.

Our Vision

To etch our passion and desire for creating an efficient tomorrow across the globe and leave a positive impact on customers about AI.

Our Solutions

1. CHATBOT - Chatbots are the Intelligent Support Agents, that are built to engage and interact with customers to provide exclusive Conversational Experience. Chatbots or "Chatter Robots" are being conceived to scale different business verticals like Customer Engagement and Experience in a whole new level. Driven by Artificial Intelligence and its few extensions like, Natural Language Processing Technology and Predictive Analytics, Chatbots can help businesses improve their efficiency and ROI. Owing to its ability to draw pattern with the available data, chatbot can function as an advisor and provide an overall support to choose right things for customers

2. ROBOTIC PROCESS AUTOMATION - Robotic Process Automation is a method that helps businesses transform and streamline the organization's workflow by reducing intensive human labour for repetitive tasks with the assistance of robot as software application, thereby increasing speed and accuracy. RPA revolutionizes business processes, IT support processes, workflow processes, remote infrastructure and back-office processes by bringing efficiency, scalability and flexibility within the enterprise ecosystem with the help of intelligence.

3. SAP ERP - SAP ERP is an enterprise resource planning software, that incorporates the key business functions of an organization. SAP ERP helps enterprises automate their business processes by creating a centralized ecosystem that will bring all the departments of the organization in one platform to function unanimously. With system integration in place, data flows move completely and correctly among various SAP ERP components, thereby not only streamlining business processes but also eliminating or minimizing redundant data entry efforts. AIRobotica has set its primary focus on SAP ERP Support Services.

Innovations we utilize

We use the latest cutting edge software tools for the best creative design services

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