WHAT IS Go For Branding

Go For Branding is a software and web development company. Rregistered under Indian Companies Act 1956. Established on 2nd July 2012 We have the flexibility to work on almost any type of software development project .Our strong software engineering background enables us to understand almost any type of software development project. Our main focus is developing software utilizing the Microsoft technologies. we have been partnering with clients ,translating their needs into technical actions and developing commercial quality software that is successfully released to market. Proven Track Record Languages: c#(c Sharp),VB.Net Database access methods: ADO.NET,ADO,ODBC.Databases: MS SQL Server Company with numerous number of clients. The key areas of the company operations are developing customized software solutions ,providing database management software's

Subodh Mukherjee

Chairman & Managing Director

We are eager for you to see this site in whatever way you would like-whether you are just satisfying your curiosity about our capabilities and our people, or you are looking for an immediate solution to pressing business concerns .

Considering you've searched this far to find us,you're probably someone who already understands the basic equation that underlies our mission and everything you'll see on our site.

Our continuous development and training programs ensure that we are always positioned to provide our valued customers a wide range of high quality services, using the latest tools and technology.
We are focused on complete reliability models of project execution and management .We offer turnaround guarantees for any project we undertake, backed by comprehensive management planning and supervision.

Our vision is to be a leading name in IT industry. We are a professionally managed Software Development Company servicing clients all over the India. Contezza Techno Solution Pvt Ltd was formed with a clear goal to provide quality software development services. We are equipped with state of the art infrastructure to cater to nearly every software development requirement:

Completed Projects

We have already completed 120 Projects Website,Software,Mobile Apps.

Quality Work

Contezza Techno Solution Pvt Ltd provide quality work with proper time line.

Experienced Team

We have expriecne team of 25 members to provide quality works.

Competitive Prices

we provide a very competitive price quote to our clients.

Expert TEAM

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Innovations we utilize

We use the latest cutting edge software tools for the best creative design services

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